Friday, July 27, 2012

New Guardians #11

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Tyler Kirkham

After a couple of low-profile issues, New Guardians is back in full force. The entire team is together once again, and with the added company of the Weaponer -who still wields a portion of the white light- they are after the one they believe is responsible for all their recent miseries: Larfleeze. The Agent Orange also makes his return to the series, and his confrontation with the other lanterns is an entertaining explosion of colorful constructs. Tyler Kirkham, who has been sorely missed, shines with his clean artwork; despite the intricacies of the battle scenes, nothing and no one gets lost in the myriad of details, and with the help of Batt and Ruffino, every panel is striking and eye-catching. From Saint Walker's change in attitude, to Glomulus' sacrifice, to the revelation of who is truly behind the assembly of the New Guardians, and with the story finally back on track, this is an issue not to miss.

The New Guardians vs. Larfleeze by Tyler Kirkham, Batt, and Nei Ruffino

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