Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Worlds' Finest #3

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artists: George Perez & Kevin Maguire

Yesterday: Helena and Kara continue reacting to their new homeworld, and the existence of alternate versions of the wonders (as heroes were called on Earth-2). An interesting aspect revealed in this sequence is the fact that Helena trained all her life to become Robin, which effectively would make her more experienced than any of the Robins in the main Earth. The early role Terry Sloane may have played in Earth-2 is hinted at, and Power Girl's old continuity costume is reminisced. Today: After their first round against Hakkou -a villain that looks like the offspring of the Anti-Monitor and a Parademon- Huntress makes a strange remark regarding "we" being immune to poisons; let's hope there is more to that and not just some goofy explanation to their current conundrum. While the flashbacks are strong on character development, the present-day scenes are action oriented, bringing a balanced combination to the story.

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