Friday, July 6, 2012

Avengers vs X-Men #7

Writers: Aaron, Bendis, Brubaker, Fraction, Hickman
Artist: Olivier Coipel

The Avengers are on the run and the X-Men have become the hunters. Now, this is more how AvX should have been written from the start. With very little of the random fisticuffing, chapter 7 is an extremely focused issue that brings the Scarlet Witch to the forefront of the battle as a force to be reckoned with, and even better, as the object of the Phoenix Five's fears.

Covers by Cheung, Ribic, and Pichelli

Coipel's work is impeccable; I loved his renditions of Piotr Rasputin and Tony Stark -who gets bitch-slapped by Black Panther in one of the best moments of 2012. Nightwing's Cyclops' takeover of the world hits another bump in the road as two more in his merry little band crack under the pressure and prove the Avengers right. Someone at Marvel really doesn't like Hawkeye, otherwise they wouldn't be so mean to him, which brings me to the not so positive aspect of the book: there is too much of Disassembled, Civil War, and House of M in it.

The openhanded slap of the year by Olivier Coipel

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  1. Hello. Read your review and I wanted to comment: I do not quiet see the P5 members 'crack' per say: While I do not agree with Namor's methods, I can follow the logic. Namor always wanted to do this to his enemies; he just never had the power to do it. As far as Magik is concern, I hope that Marvel flesh out the whole Scarlet Witch is evil instead of just leaving it up to the readers to just asume that the P5 is leary of getting into a fight. Here is a question to ponder: if the Scarlet Witch scares the P5, why does not the Avengers just tell her to take them out?