Monday, August 8, 2016

Almost a Million Bucks!

Writer: Jerry Siegel [Jerome Siegel]
Artist: Joe Shuster

Heritage Auctions reported on August 4th, that it sold an original copy of 'Action Comics' #1 for $956.000. The unrestored book has a CGC rating of FN - 5.5, and the auctioneer describes it as follows:

"The colors on the cover of this copy are particularly bright, and the staples are rust free. If it weren't for the spine split at the bottom (about 1-1/2" inches), the book would no doubt grade higher. It has a slight 1" or so crease in the top right corner of the book, near the "N" in "Action." There's a little pencil scribble in the top left, underneath the "No. 1," and a little edge damage at the top left corner of the book. There are some minor color breaks due to creases at the top right corner of the book. Page quality on the interior is Cream to Off-White."

Action Comics #1

With a cover date of June, Action Comics #1 was published on April 18th 1938 by Detective Comics Inc. and it had a price of $0.10.

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