Monday, July 8, 2019

The Amazing Spider-Man by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #1
(October, 2015)

Spider-Man has gone global! Parker Industries is more successful than ever, with offices in New York, Shanghai, London and San Francisco- and Peter Parker is racking up the frequent flyer miles with his "bodyguard" Spider-Man in tow, of course. But success breeds enemies and a reinvigorated Zodiac have also widened their scope to threaten the whole world.

Amazing Spider-Man #2
(October, 2015)
"Water Proof"

Amazing Spider-Man #3
(November, 2015)
"Friendly Fire"

More of Spider-Man's post-Secret Wars world revealed! Visit Parker Industries New York Headquarters, the building formerly known as the Baxter Building! The Human Torch is going to have something to say about that!

Amazing Spider-Man #4
(December, 2015)
"High Priority"

Not only has Spider-Man gone global- so have his enemies! Someone in Africa is masquerading as a member of the Goblin family! Where there are goblins, there's Spidey, and it's up to everyone's favorite wall-crawler to get to the bottom of what's going on!

Amazing Spider-Man #5
(December, 2015)
"Set In Stone"

Amazing Spider-Man #6
(December, 2015)
"The Dark Kingdom" Part I: "Turnabout"

One of Spider-Man's most terrifying villains, Mister Negative, has followed him to Shanghai. In Mister Negative's service are two beloved Marvel heroes. Wait, two heroes?! What is Mister Negative's plan and how did he convince two fan-favorite heroes to join him? Pick up this issue to find out!

Amazing Spider-Man #7
(February, 2016)
"The Dark Kingdom" Part II: "Opposing Forces"

Cloak and Dagger are serving Mister Negative in his war on Spider-Man! But how? Things get even worse as Mister Negative inverts Peter Parker himself!

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