Monday, January 10, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #8

“The Shape of Death” by Paul Levitz and artists Yildiray Cinar & Daniel HDR.  The Legion of Super Heroes tracks the Durlan terrorists and elects a new leader as the life of one of their own hangs in the balance.

Colossal Boy and Dream Girl investigate the Durlan attack on the United Planets Council when they are suddenly attacked by the shape-shifters.  Anyone who ever questioned Dreamy’s worth as a member of the team will have to eat their words because she kicks butt in this issue.

While this is happening, Tellus gets help for Dawnstar, who along with Wildfire suffered a devastating attack last issue, and in Legion headquarters, Cosmic Boy is target of another Durlan attack.

By the end of the issue, we learn how far the Durlans are willing to go in order to achieve their objective, and it becomes pretty scary when all fiction and super heroics aside, the one thing that mirrors real life is the last line of the issue.

But this is also a special issue because the Legion and the readers elected a new leader.  Via online elections a couple of months back, fans were able to vote for their favorite legionnaire and the results are in.  Not the one I voted for, but I am fine with the winner!

Dream Girl A.K.A. Nura Nal from Naltor.  Precognition.
I don’t know what it is, but there is something just lovable about the Legion of Super Heroes, and specifically THIS Legion of Super Heroes, the original ones, the ones that had adventures with Superboy and returned recently during “The Lightning Saga”.  Maybe it’s the fact that they appeal to everyone’s inner child by retaining their –boy –girl –kid –lass names even though they are now adults and are the quintessential cool club.

Paul Levitz is doing a fantastic job reviving this franchise, and the art has been solid and fluid.  Every issue has been full of action and every member has had a chance to shine a little bit; I think that’s what I like the most: even though there are so many of them, each one always gets camera time, there is no “core” team or the same five or six all the time.  Heck, I am even linking Earth Man (Kid?)

Overall, “The Shape of Death” is a very entertaining issue, has lots of stuff happening, and leaves you asking for more, but in a good way.  Anyone who is looking for a team book with no non-sense and really cool characters, this is the one for you!

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