Monday, January 3, 2011

Red Lanterns

I swear to God I didnt know! Just yesterday I was daydreaming about Atrocitus and company getting a series, and today DC announced through The Source that the Red Lanterns are getting their own book!

Red With Rage
"Over his six years on the book, Geoff Johns has brought so many cool new elements to the Green Lantern mythos, one of my (and I’m sure many other fans’) favorites being the other colors of Lantern Corps — from the Sinestro Corps War, to Rage of the Red Lanterns, Blackest Night and Brightest Day and everything in between, the introduction of the new Corps in the Green Lantern books have made for one heck of an epic story.  That said, we’re excited to announce that one of those Corps is getting their own book: RED LANTERNS, launching as an ongoing comic book series written by Peter Milligan in 2011"

The series will be written by Peter Milligan, and will star Atrocitus, Bleez, Dex-Starr, and many others. I am already drooling over this title, and can't wait to see whether we'll see guest spots for Mera or Guy Gardner who were also immersed in the red during Blackest Night; and what about the Butcher? I am sure we'll see it there as well!  More details at The Source. Thank you DC! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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