Friday, September 23, 2011

X-Men Legacy #255

Intergalactic adventure awaits Rogue's squad in the second part of "Five Miles South of the Universe", a story written by Mike Carey and pencilled by Steve Kurth. 

Cover Art by Mico Suayan

In an attempt to find her missing fellow X-Men Polaris, Havok, and Marvel Girl, the southern belle teleported herself, Magneto, Gambit, and Frenzy to the most distant and remote corner of a distant and remote galaxy in Shi'ar space.

The best part of this issue was the beautiful cover by Mico Sayan; other than that, I cannot say I liked much else.  After years of being in comic limbo, the promise of Havok, Polaris, and Marvel Girl returning to the pages of X-Men had me very excited.  So far, this return has been a disappointment.  Last issue they were only in one panel; in this issue, they get more screen time; however, it seems they are being manipulated by the Grad Nan Holt.  Seriously? How much longer will we have to suffer a brainwashed Polaris?

In the meantime, Rogue is also having to put up with the comical relief brought by Sovel Redhand and his pirate crew.  I cannot emphasize enough how much I don't like humor -especially when it looks forced- in this type of stories; so that whole sequence was a no-no for me.

The artist in this story should be doing filler issues, not a high profile arc; his Magneto looks particularly awkward, and the Shi'ar look like coneheads.  I have to say that Brian Reber's colors did a lot to make the art tolerable, but that's about it.

It is a shame that such a promising story is not upholding to prior "X-Men in Space" arcs, which I have always enjoyed.  Let's hope to finally see the Magneto vs. Polaris fight in issue 256, but even if we do, we already know it will not count as the mistress of magnetism is not herself right now.  Once this arc is finished, I am quitting the X-Men anyway, as I am not interested in "Regenesis".

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