Friday, September 30, 2011

Red Lanterns #1

The Corps of Rage receive their own monthly title in the DCnU courtesy of writer Peter Milligan and penciller supreme Ed Benes.  This one is dear to my heart, because it was one of those things you dream of, but don't actually expect them to come true, as I had mentioned ages ago in one of my old posts.  Even with all that, the Red Lanterns are here, and they are here to stay.

Cover Art by Ed Benes

New readers will find this issue friendly and accessible, as they learn of Atrocitus' motivaion for being the way he is, while old readers get extra pieces to put together and that date back to "Green Lantern: Secret Origin".

Favorites Bleeze and Dex-Starr make prominent appearances in the book, along with the creepy cadaver of Krona -the story picks up where "War of the Green Lanterns" left off,- and somewhere in there, the introduction of a potential new Red Lantern from Earth.

Peter Milligan sets a new path for Atrocitus; a path of bloody justice that puts him technically on the side of the angels but with the methods of the evilest of demons, and the first step of his new mission is to convince his followers to come with him... good luck with that!

I just love Ed Benes; from way back when I first saw his art in "Artemis: Requiem" I became a fan.  His style is so clean and crisp, and with Rob Hunter's inks, and Nathan Eyring's colors, the art just comes to life.  I particulary liked the flashback panels with that "cloudy" feeling to them.  Pretty cool.

"With Blood and Rage" is a great story that sets the stage for a new brand of Justice that will clearly bring Atrocitus and his Corps in a collision course with good guys and bad guys alike, and I cannot wait to see it.  You shouldn't either!

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