Thursday, September 11, 2014

Avengers #34.1

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Dale Keown

"Avengers" takes a break from its millennia-spanning, multiverse-reaching epic, to narrow its focus down and deliver a solo adventure starring Hyperion. Ever since his introduction in the initial issues of the current series, Hyperion has given off a vibe that makes him too similar to Sentry, and knowing how things ended for that character (read "Siege"), the feeling of inevitable redundancy has always been at reach. This issue, however, helps take Hyperion away from that path, at least to some degree, and portrays him as an extremely logical, yet, compassionate and balanced individual, despite his evident god-like nature. Of course, it all could be just a red herring, but here's to hoping it is not. The most attracting element in this story is the artwork by Keown, Lee, and Keith; so crisp and downright pretty that even if there were no words in the book, it still would be a worthy purchase.

Hyperion by Dale Keown, Norman Lee, and Jason Keith

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  1. yep, I picked up on a bit of the Sentry similarities, but more so to Superman. I did a more indepth review with screenshots here you might enjoy: