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Our Worlds at War :: Chapter III

Our Worlds at War
Adventures Of Superman #593
Writer: Joe Casey
Pencils: Mike Wieringo
Inks: José Marzan Jr.
Colors: Wildstorm FX
Letters: Bill Oakley

While investigating a prison break at Stryker's Island, Lois Lane discovers that her father, Major Sam Lane has been involved in a covert transfer of prisoners on behalf of President Luthor. Meanwhile, Superman tracks a mysterious radio signal to an abandoned military base, only to be ambushed by Shrapnel and Plasmus, the two Striker's escapees.

Adventures Of Superman #593
Cover by Mike Wieringo, Terry Austin

Lois confronts her father about the shady activities he is involved in under Luthor's orders. The Major uses honor and duty to justify his actions, and warns his daughter to stop asking questions and get onboard with the program, because things are about to get very complicated!

"Suicide Mission"
(June, 2001)

After a quick fight, Superman defeats Shrapnel and Plasmus, only to find that they are being commanded by Manchester Black. The dubious vigilante reveals he is now under the employ of the U.S. government to roll out a new Suicide Squad, and that this encounter is merely a battle test for its new members.

Artwork by Mike Wieringo, José Marzan Jr.

Chemo, another recruit for the new Squad attacks Superman, but is easily disposed of by the Man of Steel, as Manchester Black gives him a word of caution: something strange is afoot!

Colors by Wildstorm FX

It does not take long for Superman to find those pulling Manchester Black's strings: President Luthor, Amanda Waller, and General Rock. They are in the middle of an operation to retrieve Mongul from his prison, and have him join the Suicide Squad. Superman puts the trio on notice: If this project of theirs backfires, he will hold them accountable for their actions. Lex Luthor responds with yet another ominous warning: Superman has no idea what's coming!

This is how the issue was originally solicited:

Written by Joe Casey; art by Mike Wieringo and José Marzan, Jr.; cover by Wieringo and Terry Austin.

The Elite's Manchester Black (from Action Comics #775) returns leading a new Suicide Squad to face off against the Man of Steel. Why is this extremely dangerous criminal now working for the government, and what is the Squad's true suicide mission?

Arrives in stores on June 13.

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