Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coming Soon...

This blog will contain reviews of new releases by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, collections (hardcovers and paperbacks), and merchandise. Be on the lookout for the discussion of previews, solicitations, and retrospectives as well. From DC you will see reviews on titles such as Justice League, Justice Society, Green Lantern, Flash, Brightest Day, and others. From Marvel you will find reviews on the X-Men and Avengers families of titles.

These reviews are written from the point of view of a reader, an avid comic book fan, someone who gets money out of pocket to read the titles and therefore expects a quality product; not from the point of view of a critic, a paid reviewer, or someone with writer delusions. You will see honest reviews, some may seem silly, some may seem angry, some may seem nitpicky, and some too forgiving.

Opinions and comments are always welcome; actually they are encouraged. You don't have to agree with me, you just have to be respectful when expressing your views; however, if you act like a troll, expect to be treated the same way. Ideas, feedback, and suggestions are also appreciated.

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