Saturday, December 11, 2010

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #4

“No mercy” by Peter Tomasi and artist Fernando Pasarin.  In this fourth installment of “Last will”, Guy Gardner and his companions reach Daxam while searching for Sodam Yat.  After a brief squabble with the new president prime of the planet, the group obtains information about the whereabouts of the missing Sodam.  Arisia attacking friends and enemies alike during this sequence seemed out of character, especially considering this was one of those times when Guy actually did not deserve a punch; he has a specific mission, and the stop in Daxam was just as a favor to Arisia.

In the meantime, Sodam Yat and some Daxamites make camp in another planet; once there, the former Ion has an epiphany that makes him see his “true” mission, and by the looks of it, it involves the creation of his own corps.  We already have seven different corps, plus the Black Lanterns, the White Lanterns, and the Alpha Lanterns; adding another corps to the list might be a tad overkill.

Back to Guy and his friends, the group enters the unknown sectors where they quickly get in another altercation, this time with slavers.  Guy’s tactic to obtain information from one of the slavers was poorly executed and made no sense; however, it is interesting to see how he is still under the influence of the red, and Bleez’s presence just contributes to it.  Bleez is a character to watch, from her debut in “Rage of the Red Lanterns” she has had the potential to become a big player; let’s hope we see more development soon. 

Kilowog, is taking on the role of conscience of the group; we can see how he was not just a drill sergeant back on Oa, but also in some ways an ethics professor.  The issue ends with the team being attacked by other Green Lanterns while on their way to the planet Kralok.

Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Arisia, and Bleez by Fernando Pasarin

Fernando Pasarin’s art does not look as great as it did in the first three issues; it seems rushed and not as clean and neat, but it is heightened with Randy Mayor and Gabe Eltreb’s colors, they make a great job adding ambiance to the different locations.

Overall, “No mercy” is the weakest of the first four issues of the series. The detour of our heroes in Daxam not only delayed them from their mission, but also made the story lose momentum.  The Sodam Yat subplot seems unnecessary, and the mystery of the pact with Atrocitus –the premise of this series- is not even mentioned.  Not a bad issue by any means, just not that good.

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