Sunday, March 3, 2013

FF #4

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Michael Allred

Before jumping into the fun that is this issue, things get very serious for a moment in the Baxter Building, when Alex Power confronts Ant-Man about his real motivations for wanting to strike Dr. Doom. It would seem that a scene like this is out of place given the campy theme of the book, but it actually grounds it, and reminds everyone what's really underneath the otherwise light mood of the title. Then there's the fun stuff. She-Hulk goes out on a non-date with her old flame Wyatt Wingfoot, while the moloids, aided by Bentley-23, try in vain to ruin the evening for the pair. In the best style of a sitcom, the evil plan of the little ones not only fails miserably at every step, but makes things turn out even better for "The Jen" and her beau. The whole thing is a hoot that visually peaks on the dancing floor; Allred is simply a genius. The issue ends with the focus on another odd couple, but if you know your history well, it makes total sense.

Medusa, Ant-Man, and Ms. Thing by Michael Allred and Laura Allred

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