Saturday, March 2, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #4

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: John Cassaday

It's Havok and Scarlet Witch against the Mighty Thor! With all the delays this title has suffered, it is a relief that Remender is not wasting time setting up the conflict; instead, he throws readers right into the middle of the fight, and it is a great choice. Alex and Wanda work amazingly well together, and being almost family, let's hope they develop a close relationship. John Cassaday does not miss a beat in his interpretation of the battle, and the colors are breathtaking. The Red Skull, in the meantime, tries to demoralize Cap into switching sides using an argument that taken to face value, would make sense, but fails to account for the positive aspects of society, a point the Star Spangled Avenger makes clear in a heroic fashion. The issue offers great moments between Havok and Cap, Wanda and Rogue, and a surprising and moving Thor-Wolverine interaction. As if this isn't enough, the story jumps momentarily into the near future to see the return of O... MG! It's a good tease!

Havok and the Scarlet Witch by John Cassaday

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