Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Avengers #27

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Walter Simonson

Noh-Varr's pointless betrayal concludes in the aftermath of the space squad's confrontation with the Phoenix. As its own story, this three-parter reads okay; however, in the context of the larger picture, the tale is redundant. In Secret Avengers the team is backstabbed by Noh-Varr and Ms. Marvel a result of a yet unrevealed influence; but by the time that story is over -thanks for spoiling the outcome by the way- Protector betrays them yet again, but of his own volition. The senseless part stems from the fact that he quickly realizes the error of his ways, then tries to back off. If the character is seen again, chances are all will be forgiven, which means the arc is absolute filler, and thus far, of no consequence. Valkyrie, Vision, and Britain do nothing here. That said, it is great to appreciate the artwork of a legend like Walter Simonson with the modern colors and effects provided by today's talent.

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