Friday, June 15, 2012

VS. #3

Writer: Jeph Loeb & Christopher Yost
Artist: Ed McGuinness & Terry Dodson

The Rasputin siblings take the spotlight as they fight the Avengers on the surface of the Moon in two matches concurrent with AvX #5. Colossus' punch fest with The Thing was at least better than their respective previous episodes with Spider-Man and Namor. Ed McGuinness' artwork was fun to look at, and the inner monologue by Colossus gave some depth to the story. The Dodsons illustrate Black Widow vs. Magik, and that is the only good thing about this one. Illyana is not only a teleporter, but a sorceress as well, the Darkchylde from Limbo; so the only reason to confront her with a spy, who clearly has a different skill set, is the fact that both are Russian; and even that gets literally lost in translation. This mini is not absolutely irrelevant, but the fights should be offered as free, online incentives with the purchase of the main title, because at $3.99, it is hands down robbery.

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  1. Found your site somehow and I agree with the end of your review - the price for these is robbery.

    I started reading AVX but decided that I should probably wait until they conclude the series so that I can pick up the issues as a group off ebay or as a collection cheaper (including AVX VS).

    I wanted to keep going but at 4/issue it started to hurt too much.