Friday, June 8, 2012

Justice League International #10

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Back from France after their brief team-up with the Firestorms, the JLI returns home to face the gruesome realities that await them there: a dead comrade, three more hanging to life by a thread, and a dangerous anarchist organization threatening with finishing the job they successfully started. Narrated by August General in Iron, the story shows Guy Gardner's softer side, elaborates on Batwing and Vixen's connection, and continues developing Godiva's clumsy infatuation with Booster Gold. Even the bad guys get some characterization without robbing the issue of any action. Lopresti, Ryan, and Hi-Fi deliver another clean, sharp, and vivid installment; their panels are neat, and with just the right amount of detail where is needed; not too much, not too little. It is unfortunate that a series with such a diverse cast is coming to an end; it just sends the wrong message.

Driven, Brash, Secretive, Enigmatic
Art by Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan, and Hi-Fi

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