Monday, June 4, 2012

Savage Hawkman #9

Writers: Rob Liefeld & Mark Poulton
Artist: Joe Bennett

A new era begins for the winged wonder with "Nth Ways To Die" led by comics personality Rob Liefeld. With only a couple of references to previous storylines, this next phase starts on a blank slate and feels like a #1 issue for its accessibility and simple premise. Somewhat formulaic, the story has a few good things in its favor that make the title worthy of a second chance. Although the dialog is a bit clichéd, the internal monologue does a great job in summarizing who Hawkman is in this new continuity, and where his recent dilemmas have taken him. The issue also jumps right into the action, saving readers the suffering of a slow set-up chapter. Joe Bennett's art is an immediate breath of fresh air for a series that sorely needed it. Finally, the seeds are planted for the introduction in the DCnU of a character very dear to my heart. Overall, a good start.


  1. I loved this book since picking up the number 1. Hawkman deserves a creative team that can cut thru the thick back history and make him more accessible. Hawkman needs to become more of a Wolverine/Batman like character. In order to save this book DC needs to give him to a Snyder or back to Johns. Heck if DC could get Rick Remender from Marvel to right this i would cry.

  2. I agree with you, Nathan. The book has been underperforming -below the top 100- and I hope this new direction saves it from potential cancellation, especially now that my dear Shayera is being reintroduced.