Monday, June 11, 2012

Detective Comics #10

Writer: Tony S. Daniel
Artist: Ed Benes

After a couple of standalone installments, Detective follows up on the events of the arc that ran in issues 4-6. In the aftermath of a disturbing incident in Gotham's business district, Batman follows the clues to Hugh Marder, who had been introduced earlier in the series, and whose character has been slowly simmering to reach what seems to be a significant development in this issue. The Cape Crusader also comes face to face with Mr. Toxic, one of Penguin's associates who first appeared in issue #6 as Gas Man. Whether this name change is accidental or intentional, remains to be seen, but the presence of this retro looking villain -as well as Ed Benes' modified style- brings out the vintage feel of the book. An objection with the plot is the scene involving Bruce and Charlotte; maybe there will be more to her story later on, but the interim resolution is weak.

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