Saturday, February 4, 2012

Detective Comics #6

The grand opening of Penguin's "Iceberg" casino is the backdrop of a "Kill Game."  Using elements from private eye novels dating the early 20th century, Tony Daniel introduces new characters and situations into the Batman mythos.  Among those characters, are Penguin's new associates, who evoke rogues from Batman's golden age; Snakeskin, who could become a plot device for the ongoing Joker storyline; and someone with ties to the otherwise sweet and innocent Charlotte Rivers.  After last month's disenchanting 12-pager, it was great having a full story this time around.  Daniel has cemented definitive artistic and narrative styles for the series, both very distinctive and unique, when compared to the rest of the New 52.  My one objection has to do with Charlotte's scenes, as it is not clear how she got out from a difficult situation at the beginning of the chapter.  Other than that, fantastic issue.

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