Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nightwing #6

After the demonic events of last issue, Nightwing returns to more grounded action when Haly's circus makes a stop in Texas.  Searching for clues that could take him to Saiko, Nightwing does not realize that the enemy is right in front of him, or that he's being played by friends.  From there, the story focuses on characterization, including a visit by Alfred Pennyworth, who is seldom seen outside the mansion or the cave. The art team led by Eddy Barrows delivers another great visual experience; particularly notorious are the detailed and vivid backgrounds featuring the city of Austin.  The plot does not advance significantly, except at the end, when Saiko makes his presence known and reveals his identity to Nightwing right before committing an atrocious act.  The last page is yet another example of the edgier side of this new universe.

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