Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Batman and Robin #6

Robin picks sides and shows everyone "The Real Me."  Tomasi inserts a lost chapter of Bruce Wayne's early days into the Batman mythos, and through it has introduced NoBody into his rogues gallery.  The thing with this new enemy, though, is that his vendetta is almost of a childish nature, or at least that's how he is making it look like, despite the crudeness of the reality in which it is rooted.  NoBody just does not have that je ne sais quoi other bat-villains have that makes them endure through time.  Damian on the other hand, is being magnificently written; one can never tell which road he is going to take even though his attitude makes it seem like the answer is obvious.  This is a very complex character with lots of layers and much depth.  Batman's emotions are also being exploited here in a way rarely seen before; very different to what is taking place over at "The Court of Owls," but just as intense.  Good writing.

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