Thursday, February 16, 2012

Batman #6

With his mind shifting between hallucination and reality, Batman makes his desperate move in the sixth chapter of "The Court of Owls."  After the mind-boggling events of last month, Scott Snyder is able to maintain the emotional intensity at its highest levels through yet another issue marked by agony and anguish, directed not just at the main character, but also at the readers.  The most powerful moments in this installment were those where Batman struggles to keep his mind clear as it toggles back and forth from what's real to what's not; and later on, as he puts up a fight trying not to drown literally and figuratively.  Also worth of mention are Batman's promise to the Court, the chilling last page of the story, and of course, the use of creepy children; one can never go wrong with that.  Page by page, this issue was a worthy continuation of last month's blockbuster.


  1. Short and concise. You, sir, did a fine job reviewing this fantastic comic. I saw your post on IGN and thought I would try your point of view. Glad to give you a chance.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! Truth is, this book makes it very easy to write a review; the title is a delight. I hope you continue visiting and participating!