Saturday, February 18, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #6

Hardcore. That is enough to describe this issue; but if you need more than that, allow me to elaborate.  In "Fearsome," Guy Gardner and the gang he put together go to Urak to free the P.O.W. Lanterns who are being tortured by the Keepers. Things quickly spin out of control when the rescue party realizes that the Keepers are willing to die in order to protect their masters, and a bloody battle ensues. But that is not what gives this issue the designation at the beginning of this review; is what John Stewart does to protect the central power battery that really provides the jaw-opening moment of the entire arc. Even with his military background, and the direness of the situation, John's actions were indeed shocking, and even more surprising was his choice of keeping them a secret. But if that is not enough, Guy also goes to great measures to stop the Keepers.  Hardcore.

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