Sunday, February 5, 2012

Action Comics #6

Morrison goes all Morrison on us in "When Superman Learned to Fly."  To be fair, this is not one of those psychedelic trips that leave readers scratching their heads afterwards; with some careful attention, the story makes sense and is fun to read.  More geared towards long time readers, this issue brings present-day Superman and a mature version of the Legion's founding members together, in a mission to save baby Kal-El's rocketship five years in the past, where Action Comics takes place -see how it's weird, but not so much?  Having the Legion be a part of Superman's past -and vice versa- is such a relief, because it avoids all the workarounds DC came up with back in the 80's to explain the team's legacy.  Andy Kubert's artwork is another reason to get this comic; despite a few awkward faces, his style is one fans can count on to be top quality.  Good read.

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