Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birds of Prey #6

Cliffhangers in this series are pointless. By the end of issue #5, Sterling was being shot at by some black-ops dudes, but then in this book, the moment is reduced to an inconsequential event resolved in a flashback. It's not the first time Swierczynski pulls the same move in this series, and it is aggravating because it trivializes what are supposed to be the most energetic parts of the story. The pencils by Pina are also somewhat awkward in this installment, and have a certain something that reminds me of Greg Land's traced artwork; the strange poses in some of the scenes make it look as if they had been taken from a fashion magazine. Katana does very little in this chapter, Batgirl even less; which begs the question once again: what is she doing here? I want to see her in the team, but only if her presence is relevant. Iffy issue.

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