Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scarlet Spider #2

From the get-go, this book is fun.  The credits and summary page has a nice format with newspapers, pictures and a tablet on a desk; that by itself is enough to get the reader engaged and excited about the content, which doesn't disappoint either.  Written by Chris Yost, "After Life" gives Kaine a new purpose, a new home, maybe new allies, and even new fans -inside and outside the comics world.  While the goal of the first issue was to introduce Kaine, the point this one makes is that he and Peter Parker are not the same; point that is clearly driven during the fight scene when the character shows his enemy he is not Spider Man.  Ryan Stegman once again shines with his artwork and the help of Babinski and Garcia with inks and colors.  In just two installments, Kaine has become a very likeable and sympathetic character, and the Scarlet Spider, a cool modern day hero.

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