Sunday, February 12, 2012

Huntress #5

Huntress makes her move against the big bad guy in the penultimate chapter of her mini-series.  With disguises, explosions, gas bombs, masks, and stealth, this was the "Mission Impossible" issue of the run, and it was a task she was happy to accept.  Strategically removing one by one all those in service of the "Chairman," Huntress finally reached her target to exact justice, but just exactly what kind of justice, remains to be seen.  Now the larger picture.  This title has become much bigger than itself, and like mist that clears to reveal the road, some of the internal dialogue in the issue confirms it.  It is expected that the finale of this mini will open the gates to the fantastic world of Earth Two and its rich history, and whether it was originally planned that way by DC or not, the execution has been flawless.  Huntress is the harbinger of a new era in the DCnU and beyond.

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