Friday, February 3, 2012

Hawk and Dove #6

Chasing a villain and looking to boost sales for their title, Hawk and Dove end up "One Night in Gotham."  In an interesting twist, the tables turn for Hawk, and the issue opens with him running from old-school Blockbuster, while Dove is the one delivering punches left and right, until the pair crosses paths with the Dynamic Duo in their pursuit of a supernatural menace.  This was an okay story; however, it felt bland and lacking the conflict one would expect from the clash of strong personalities like Hawk's, Batman's, and Robin's.  Speaking of, Liefeld's pencils failed to properly represent Damian; he is only ten years old, yet he looked more like an adult Robin, while Blockbuster's size varied from one panel to the next.  Despite the flaws in this issue, there should be more self contained stories like this one, as part of DC's promise to stop writing comics for the trade.


  1. Take a look at
    What's with Batman's left stump?
    Hawk's deformed chest?
    Is Robin trapped knee-deep in concrete?
    HOW does Liefeld continue to get work???