Friday, February 10, 2012

Batgirl #6

Lots of stuff happen in this issue.  Batgirl fights a brainwashed Bruce Wayne, and along the way, we learn more of her past and current relationship with him and with Batman.  There were a couple of nice, touching moments that clearly establish the solid dynamics between them going forward.  Following the line of character development, there is more of Barbara's mom, who is looking very creepy right now, and Batgirl's ongoing conflict with Det. McKenna.  Then there's Gretel.  While Mirror brought forth Batgirl's survivor guilt, Gretel was the device used to show the two paths offered to one who has been victimized, and once again Barbara sees a piece of herself in her enemy.  The art team does a great job fitting the equivalent of two (modern day) issues of story in 20 pages without making it look crowded or eye-straining.

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