Monday, February 20, 2012

New Avengers #21

A menace from a past they would rather soon forget, returns to haunt the New Avengers.  First the good:  The Thor clone who caused so much pain and grief during Civil War looks truly menacing and intimidating thanks to Mike Deodato's pencils and Paul Mounts' colors.  No one does Thor like Deodato, after all, he's had more than 16 years of experience drawing him; the whole battle sequence is stunning.  Now the bad: Despite the nice artwork, the arc is still a rehash of storylines that are relatively recent; the clone, the Dark Avengers, and Tommy Lee Jones -er... Norman Osborne, are all elements from events that are still fresh. Then there's Wolverine being ridiculously indestructible, and the lack of attention to other team members.  Why isn't Daredevil front and center?  Why is Ms. Marvel being used as background filler? I liked this issue for the confrontation, but all else is forgettable.

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