Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Batwing #6

Using the iconic city of Giza as the stage, and cleverly taking readers back to the events of issue #1, Judd Winick presents "I am Happiest When at War."  Batwing and Massacre fight each other once again, and this time the round goes to the hero; sadly for him, just to barely do it, and save the lives of innocents, he was willing to cross the line heroes are not supposed to cross.  This forces the question: does the end justify the means in this case?  Winick also reveals what motivated David Zavimbe to become a vigilante, and his first encounter with Batman; but his past also catches up with him, when he realizes who Massacre might truly be.  Great way to toss away linear narrative and play with flashbacks to tell the story so readers can put the puzzle together themselves.  Just a couple more of issues before the truth is uncovered and the final battle ensues.

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