Sunday, May 20, 2012

VS. #2

Writers: Steve McNiven & Kieron Gillen
Artists: Steve McNiven & Salvador Larroca

Taking place in the middle of AvX #4, the confrontations in this issue are true head scratchers. Gambit's acrobatics and smart mouth seem entertaining enough until he charges Cap's uniform with kinetic energy and makes him explode. Why would he try to kill Cap, and how did Cap survive such an attack, we might never know. Steve McNiven's art, however, is splendid, along with John Dell's fine and detailed ink work.  In Latveria, a Juggernaut-ed Colossus has to endure Spider-Man's incessant jokes and sarcasm in what can only be described as an exasperating match. The humor angle was used and abused in this one, and its contrast with Colossus' current brooding, evilish self just did not play off well. Salvador Larroca's talent would have been put to better use on Spider-Woman vs. Dazzler, or Domino against Mockingbird. Not worth your $3.99.

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