Thursday, May 10, 2012

The New 52 FCBD 2012

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Reis, Rocafort, Ha, Lee 

Saturday May 5th was Free Comic Book Day, and DC participated with a special edition of The New 52 featuring an all-new tale written by Geoff Johns that ties-in directly to the events taking place in Justice League. The mysterious Pandora serves as the point of view character at the same time that her origin is revealed along with that of other more familiar faces -no pun intended. The Shazam! mythos are updated even further than what has been seen so far in the JL backup feature; it is an interesting change that opens the door to lots of possibilities and speculation. The issue also touches on Earth-2, clearly setting the stage for an eventual clash of dimensions; but that's something that can wait a while, as there is much world building to do. Finally, the book teases the big event of 2013: The Trinity War, and the four page foldout depicting the conflict provides plenty of reasons to be more than excited about it. All that for free!

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  1. Has anyone speculated about who the seven wizards are? The girl looks a lot like Black Alice, the Egyptian woman could be Isis, the black guy, the asian guy, and the indian guy could be Black Vulcan, Samurai, and the Apache Chief? The guy in the golden hood could be El Dorado? That leaves the viking-looking woman. Any ideas?