Sunday, May 6, 2012

Detective Comics #9

Writer and Artist: Tony S. Daniel

It's 08:26 pm in Gotham, just about 90 minutes after the attack on Wayne Manor, and the Talons invade Arkham Asylum to pass judgment on its enigmatic owner. Several inmates are introduced to new readers, with a focus on Black Mask. I did not follow the title prior to the relaunch, so more backstory would have been appropriate to explain his relationship with Dr. Arkham. The Talons' onslaught is pretty convincing and well staged, as well as Batman's timely arrival. This issue evidently takes place after Batman #9, which has not come out yet, so it kind of spoils on what happened at the mansion. The artwork, as always, is A+. Daniel's style creates this idea in the readers that they are reading an old, old book. As a tie-in, the story is clean, has a clear resolution, passes the plot over to Nightwing, and moves on to the next thing. Felt like a quick read, but overall was very good.

Batman #8   Nightwing #8

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