Saturday, May 19, 2012

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artists: Kenneth Rocafort

08:38 pm in Gotham's Chinatown and the Outlaws are on a stakeout in an attempt to save the Court's most peculiar target yet: Mr. Freeze. A perfect issue for someone who is not a follower of the series, this "Night of the Owls" tie-in is a great conduit to introduce new readers to the Red Hood and his friends. Arsenal is goofy and cool, Starfire powerful and innocent, and the Red Hood, as ambiguous and conflicted as they get. This trio is a fun and adventurous gang, worth of further inspection. The thunder is stolen by colorist Blond and artist Kenneth Rocafort, whose pencils and quasi-rough style are reminiscent of departed comics star Michael Turner. Their Batgirl -who makes a cameo in the issue- is one of the most beautiful I have seen. Speaking of, pages 2 and 3 depict a beautiful and scary landscape covered in ice, and I knew I had seen the concept before, so I did some digging and voilà, Uncanny X-Men #319 and #331 written by Scott Lobdell featured Iceman building equally pretty but disturbing ice landscapes... I'm just saying.

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