Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Batwing #9

Writer: Judd Winick
Artist: Marcus To

07:40 pm in Gotham City. Talk about wrong time and place. During his stay in America, Batwing finds himself tackling one of the Talons rampaging the city; but this is no cookie-cutter, random Talon; Judd Winick takes the time to build a history and a distinctiveness to the assassin, which gives the fight much more significance. Despite having its main character in a foreign land, the story has a subplot that anchors it to the ongoing theme of the book.  While the first half of the issue is mostly setup, the second half is all-out action, and that works out well, because it makes it a self-contained story even though it is part of a crossover. This issue also marks the debut of Marcus To in the series; and boy, is his work a welcome sight. Let's hope this is a long stint, because once he gets acclimated to the title, his pencils will be stunning.

Batman #8   Nightwing #8   Detective Comics #9

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