Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dark Knight #9

Writer: Judd Winick
Artist: David Finch

Taking place in the middle of Batman #9, and right after the events of Detective Comics #9, the caped crusader tries to protect mayoral candidate Lincoln March from the deadly attack of a Talon. The story has some flaws, starting with its premise. The issue had been solicited as the return of Red Robin to the Bat-books, which was a thrilling prospect for Tim Drake's fans; and he did show up... in one panel. The plot also points out that Batman had fought a Talon early in his career; which was an unnecessary move, considering that his denial of the Court's existence was a big part of the opening chapters of the saga. This Talon's characterization and origin, however, were superbly done, just as good as the one Batgirl fought. David Finch does a great job on this action-oriented tale with powerful artwork and detailed panels.  Although tightly connected to the main event, still felt like filler.

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