Saturday, May 5, 2012

Worlds' Finest #1

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: George Perez & Kevin Maguire

Today: Picking up right after the conclusion of the "Huntress" mini-series, Huntress and Power Girl find themselves in Tokyo starting a new chapter in their lives. The former more cynical and at peace with her fate; the latter, aggressively searching for a way to get back home. Yesterday: Picking up right after the events in "Earth-Two" #1, Supergirl and Robin are lost to their home world as they get thrown into ours while pursuing a mysterious character. Not much is revealed of what happened afterwards, but it will be great finding out month after month what they did during the five years that followed their arrival. My only objection was the quick and almost dismissive manner in which Levitz got rid of the Helena Bertinelli persona. Just because the same thing was done to Helena Wayne after "Crisis," there was no reason to go all "eye for an eye" on Ms. Bertinelli. A fantastic and much deserved start for these two great characters.

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