Tuesday, May 15, 2012

X-Men Legacy #266

Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Rafa Sandoval

Running somewhat parallel to Wolverine and the X-Men #10, this issue introduces the Jean Grey School faculty to the brawl of the year. While a couple of staff members are allowed to get more directly involved in the matter, Rogue and the rest of her team continue being relegated to mere secondary roles in the overall battle. No wonder the Avengers have stolen the show so far; with the most tenured X-Men being used as background characters, it is an unbalanced fight. The opening sequence was great, however; the dramatic flashback scenes serve as a reminder of Rogue's dark past and how powerful she truly is. Cargill gets lots of attention too, and her taunting behavior was written in a manner that did not make her look like the instigator or the bully in the confrontation. While this was indeed a story about X-Men fighting Avengers, it felt distant from the event, and more like a consolation prize for the characters left behind.


  1. Llegué aquí por tu comentario en IGN pues me he tenido que leer varios reviews para saber porque de buenas a primeras X-Men Legacy de una historia se saltó a otra completamente diferente a lo que había estado leyendo y como ahorita no estoy leyendo más que este pues no tenía idea de gran cosa.

    Me encantó tu review, llegando a casa y en cuanto tenga tiempo me lo leo!

    Muchas gracias

  2. Ah, disculpa por escribir en español pero se que lo entiendes, igual escribo en inglés pero....naaah

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