Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aquaman #9

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Ivan Reis, Joe prado, Rod Reis

The third chapter of "The Others" takes Black Manta to Germany after the trail of Prisoner of War, another intriguing member of the mysterious team, and one who has strange abilities beyond those granted by his atlantean artifact, the manacles. In the Amazon, Aquaman and Ya'Wara fight Manta's men, and the door opens for the hypocritical "we kill only if we have no choice" policy, which is translation for "it's okay if I do it, but not you." Through Mera and Stephen Shin, readers learn more about Aquaman's origin and childhood -which has been a theme through the series- but also about a darker time after Tom Curry's death in which Arthur became pretty much a savage. Geoff Johns pulls a 180 on the relationship between Aquaman and Manta, and it is a jaw dropper. The cinematic style of the artwork -pencils, inks, and colors- continues being the other great half of a stellar story. Through and through, an amazing book.

You will not believe it when you find out!

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