Sunday, May 13, 2012

Green Lantern #9

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Doug Mahnke 

The lid is lifted on the Indigo Tribe's can, and it is indeed infested with ugly, psychotic worms. Sinestro's transformation takes him back to a very emotional moment in his life, while Hal Jordan discovers the truth behind the the Indigo ring bearers. There is no shocking revelation here, as Geoff Johns has been slowly but surely hinting at the big secret; he just puts the pieces together in a cohesive and logical manner. There is a reason why this story is being told after big events like "Blackest Night" or "War of the Green Lanterns," and that becomes clear in this issue; the purpose of this Corps can truly decide the fate of the universe. Once again, Doug Mahnke shines with intricate and beautiful panels, while Alex Sinclair rocks the colors to create a damp, cold, and scary world: Nok. Yup... Nok! Then there's those damn Guardians, and the hair rising cliffhanger. Fantastic issue.

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