Thursday, May 3, 2012

Earth-Two #1

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Nicola Scott

A glorious era ends and a new one begins in "The Price of Victory." Right in the middle of a bloody and messy battle, James Robinson finds the time to give the biggest heroes of Earth-2 much deserved personality and depth, while Nicola Scott knocks it out of the park with beautiful pencils that effectively depict the ominous war against the forces of Apokolips. All this, plus quick and to-the-point introductions for Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Al Pratt; a fantastic first issue that told more than other titles tell in six months. It is a shame the conflict ended the way it did, but it was necessary in order to give this world the uniqueness it needs, and open the doors to the immense possibilities it holds within it. This book is without a doubt the star of the New 52's second wave, and a strong contender for best single comic of 2012.

Supegirl by Nicola Scott
Inks by Trevor Scott.  Colors by Alex Sinclair

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