Sunday, August 26, 2012

Firestorm #12

Writer: Joe Harris
Artist: Yildiray Cinar & Daniel HDR

Warning: This is not a review, it's a whining session with lots of spoilers in it. Several of The New 52 rushed their storylines to be brought to a close as their first year ended; while some did it gracefully, and others less so, The Powers That Be decided that readers of Firestorm deserved neither the former nor at very least the latter. As if following the theme of the book, editorial at DC decided that the best course of action was to drop a nuke on the one-year arc and wipe all of it in issue #12. All of a sudden, the rogue Firestorms of Qurac stopped sprouting from under every rock, the mystery behind Ashra Khan was left unexplained, the fall of Zither took place in the turn of a page without any rhyme or reason, and worst of all, the international Firestorms were destroyed because they were more interesting than Jason and Ronnie. What an insult to the followers, and what a blemish in The New 52's record.

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