Friday, August 3, 2012

Earth-Two #4

Writer: James Robinson
Artists: Nicola Scott & Eduardo Pansica

In the first issue of the series, Sgt. Al Pratt and his platoon were deploying nuclear weapons near Darkseid's towers when they were attacked by Parademons; then, disaster happened. Five years later, Captain Pratt makes his public debut as the Army's own wonder: The Atom! Robinson continues the glorious unveiling of a new age of wonders with four of them converging for the first time against the menace of Grundy. There is not a single page in this book where one is not at awe by either the immersing writing or the beautiful artwork. Hawkgirl is brave, confident, and with the qualities of a leader; Flash and The Green Lantern -despite doing this for the first time- show that courage and valor are embedded in them; The Atom is a haunted man, and apparently, unknowingly working for the wrong side; finally, Grundy is terrifying, and his connection to the Grey makes him a serious menace. I love this title!

Captain Al Pratt a.k.a. The Atom

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  1. I really, really loved this issue. It was extremely entertaining and I wish that next month wasn't the #0 issue only so we could see where that cliffhanger goes sooner!