Sunday, August 19, 2012

Green Lantern #12

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Renato Guedes and Jim Calafiore

As The Revenge of Black Hand continues, the dead rise once again and one more prophecy is about to be fulfilled. While it may seem at first sight that this is a remake of Blackest Night, it is not; Johns has made of this arc a natural progression, a next step to that story, and it shows by quickly having Hal and Sinestro try to counteract Black Hand using what they learned from that horrific experience; sadly for them, and to Mr. Hand's surprise, the rules have changed... they always do. What never changes is that despicable band of conspirators known as the Guardians. Their reasoning behind the Third Army, their strategy, and their final goal are laid out in three pages that leave one wanting for more and craving to see the execution of their plan. Guest artist Jim Calafiore shares duties with Renato Guedes from Secret Avengers fame; his style in this issue is less indie and more mainstream. The transition between artists is a bit brusque, but nothing to panic about.

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