Friday, August 10, 2012

Gambit #1

Writer: James Asmus
Artist: Clay Mann

Marvel gives the charming mutant thief another chance at an ongoing title, this time reined in by writer and performer James Asmus. While his current duties have turned Gambit from hero to teacher, this new series focuses on the more naughty aspects of the character; and it is not just the thieving, but also the smooth and seductive ways of Mr. LeBeau's that take the forefront in the book. Speaking of, Remy's charismatic and downright sexy qualities are visually played out to perfection by artist Clay Mann; the words cool and hot come to mind at the same time when trying to describe his pencils. Seth Mann uses super-fine ink lines that set the stage for Rachelle Rosenberg's beautiful watercolors, thus delivering picture-like renditions in every page. With a mix of James Bond and Mission: Impossible, Once a Thief... is a fantastic new beginning for this fan favorite.

Gambit, by Clay Mann, Seth Mann, and Rachelle Rosenberg

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