Friday, August 17, 2012

Captain Marvel #2

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Artist: Dexter Soy

Following a successful and very high-profile debut, the adventures of Earth's mightiest hero pick up the pace as she honors the memory of a departed friend. After an enigmatic flight incident, Captain Marvel somehow ends up 70 years in the past and way out of her comfort zone. Kelly Sue DeConnick is able to seamlessly switch from emotionally intense scenes, to action heavy sequences, to light and funny moments, all without missing a beat. Cap's encounter with the Banshee Squad will surely have a profound effect on her and her new purpose; if 70 years ago, women without super powers were able to fight against impossible odds in the name of freedom, then she will have the huge responsibility of maintaining that legacy in the present. Dexter Soy's quasi-painted style is a magnificent fit for the title, and his depictions of Carol charging to action are nothing but a delight to see. Go Cap!


  1. Thanks for checking the review, William; Im glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed the book even more!