Friday, February 8, 2013

Detective Comics #17

Writer: John Layman
Artists: Jason Fabok and Andy Clarke

Continuing with his exploration of Joker's influence on a band of deranged Gothamites called the League of Smiles, and their boss, the Merrymaker, John Layman takes Batman to the scene of their latest crime and to darker corners of the human psyche. The Pursuit of Happiness channels the old-book atmosphere and noir feel that Tony Daniel brought to the title during his tenure through the narrative style and the way the caped crusader's detective work and process are fleshed out. In the backup feature Doctor's Orders, the origin of Merrymaker and his connection to the clown prince of crime are revealed, in a story that serves both as prequel and sequel to the two-parter that just concluded. Other than proving how crazy everyone in Gotham is, the tale is not of much consequence, although it leaves a small window open for anyone who wants to revisit this short-lived villain that has not only the potential, but also the motivation and capability to be a major troublemaker.

Batman by Jason Fabok and Jeromy Cox

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